Let's play World of Tanks - replays

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  The Panzerjäger I is a German tier 2 tank destroyer. From March 1940 through February 1941, a total of 202 PzKpfw I were converted into tank destroyers, the Panzerjäger I. This vehicle remained in service until the end of 1941. It has low engine power, making it slow and unwieldy, although it has two powerful cannons: the 5 cm PaK 39 L/60, which packs a hard punch and has excellent penetration for its tier, and the lighter, faster firing and aiming 4.7cm L/43. Its low weight helps it rotate more quickly for faster target acquisition. Overall, this tank destroyer can be a fun learning curve as you adapt to the differences between a TD and a tank. Gun: 4,7 cm PaK 38 (t) L/43 Engine: Maybach HL 38 TR Suspension: Panzerjäger I verstärkteketten Radio: FuG Spr. A You have no real armor, so remaining hidden is key. Always use bushes and other cover. A Camouflage Net is highly desirable. You don't want to spend a lot of credits on this tank destroyer though, since the next German tank destroyer, the Marder II is far superior and more fun to play. Being an open-topped vehicle, the view range is pretty decent, so if you use a Camo Net, you should be able to see targets before they see you. The 4.7 cm Pak 38 (t) L/43 is an immense improvement over the stock gun, providing much-needed penetration, a large increase in damage, and more accuracy, all while having near the same rate of fire. It doesn't even weigh any more. This is also the best gun available on the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t). The Panzerjäger I leads to the Marder II. The Marder II leads to the Hetzer, the Sturmpanzer II and the Marder 38T.
  Renault FT 75 BS spg, Malinovka battle field, our team destroyed all enemy vehicles. My tier2 French arty has short range, following a group of allies can support them, unless the enemy has one or two agressive scouts and these spot you, as an arty that's sudden death most of the time, but I must admit I shot quite a few of these buggers smack in the face short range: as a tank destroyer, feels good. Arty can be fun, and all tankers should play arty too, makes one understand the game better. Takes some time to master, so read the resources on the WOT website and on fansites before starting. The Renault FT 75 BS arty looks kinda lame, as if it's not capable to perform. If you try it yourself you might be disappointed at first, maybe av. half a kill each game at first. A fully trained crew and all upgrades installed it functions better and once you get the hang of it you will enjoy arty, sometimes camping, sometimes actively""put-put-putting across the battle field.. Allies this game: tombar2013 brutuz62 (me) Sturmwolf65 FenrirCux Camperschaf Ombronello OlosPsoloS myikilmaz51 nowill tibuli Ftomx zkrzych100 katka1996 Corentin69410 Mimi93240 Enemy team: ahilleus (Arty kill) Yavuz3erler Wojtek1939 (damaged by Arty) risb3rg (Arty kill) tinagrubaforatato thearmouredtroll (Arty killed other arty, lol) Zeemage HansLuck asokru oprezni lukapiotr (Arty kill) piniesundferb Rodie1 Spyker74 The T57 is a way better arty, it's very fast !!
  The T-60 is a Soviet tier 2 light tank. Developed in August 1941 at the Construction Bureau of Plant No. 37 under the supervision of N. A. Astrov. The vehicle came into service in September 1941, and was mass-produced until February 1943, with a total of 5920 vehicles manufactured. The T-60 tank was in service until the end of the war. Although it is classified as a light tank this tank doesn't ride around super fast. Instead it has very good armor it is 35mm thick at 60 degrees of sloping. Thus the theoretical armor thickness is 70mm and that is really good at tier 2, making it really difficult to fight if the right driver is using this tank. As for its gun; its ok, it has good penetration (58mm) and average alpha (40). All the auto cannons may have a superb rate of fire but they are horribly lacking in penetration and are only effective when flanking other tanks. Compared to the other Tier-2 Soviet tank choices, the BT-2 and T-26, the T-60 is unremarkable. All three share the top 37mm ZiS-19 gun which has good penetration and accuracy. The T-60 does not have the sheer speed of the BT-2, nor does it have the agility and view range of the T-26. The only category in which the T-60 is superior is its front and rear hull armor. It does have a small, low profile turret that makes it a hard target to hit, especially if always on the move. It is best played as a 2nd line support tank in matches with higher tiers. The T-60 works well at destroying vehicles such as the T18, D1, and H35.